Whole case planning

Brand planning is one of the main service synchronization service Arrow brand agency, to Arrow radar service station for the stagnation, in the radiation area as a service platform of home users. For the enterprise to carry out planning, planning, design, implementation and so on, carry out integrated brand planning and promotion service.

  • Radar service station
  • Pipeline system service
  • Research on brand service

Commercial space

Visual Identity System,Interpreter for visual recognition, CIS system is the most spread and appeal level.

The perception of the external information, 83% is through the visual channel to the people's mind. That is to say, vision is the most important and most important channel for people to accept external information. The visual identification of corporate identity is to transform non visual content into static visual recognition symbols, which is most directly disseminated at the most extensive level with extremely rich and varied application forms.

The design of science and the implementation of the favorable visual recognition are the fast and convenient way to spread the business idea, establish the reputation of the enterprise, and shape the image of the enterprise.

In the CI design system, visual identification design (VI) is the most extrinsic, most direct, most powerful and infectious part. VI design is the basic elements of corporate logo, and a powerful policy management system to effectively expand, forming a visual image of the inherent business is through the design of unified visual symbols to convey the spirit and business philosophy, to effectively promote business and reputation and image of their products. Therefore, the enterprise identification system is based on the visual identification system, and fully embodies the basic spirit of corporate identification, making the product brand famous, and playing a direct role in promoting product entry into the market. VI design from the visual performance of the business philosophy and spiritual culture, thus forming a unique image of the enterprise, which itself has the value of image.

Creative design

The advantage of competition is not only the product, but also the improvement of the internal system design of the enterprise.

It not only brings high-quality pipeline system, technology and service platform for home, but also pays more attention to user centered international brand value and global leading pipeline solutions. We aim to work with our global radar service platform.

The creative design of the world's mainstream green, comfortable, environmental protection, energy-saving pure positioning and smart home, healthy and fashionable life concept, add a color to the bright future of the color globe village.

Radar service station

All kinds of home users are solved in a reasonable and detailed pipeline water system scheme.
According to the different regional environment, different habits of home use, the radar service station will be based on the city
Field work research, home person's information collection, information system integration and company base plan

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Pipeline image image

Pipeline drawings and cloud Memorandum:

1, cloud backup, at any time and anywhere, you can download pipeline map 2, job security, solve customer's insecurity, worry 3, exclusive query address, auto adaption website or WeChat.

Analysis of the influence of terminal on customers