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Recruitment position/Jobs

  • Planning director
  • Operation Director
  • District Manager
  • Sales manager
  • Business Commissioner
    • With the ability of strategic planning, it is able to analyze the macro, meso and micro environment that the enterprise is facing under the premise of identifying the tenet, vision, mission and business goal of the company, and formulating the marketing strategy of the enterprise, providing important opinions for the overall development strategy of the enterprise.

      Based on the full market research and information collection, business decision making ability is organized, analyzed, compared, selected marketing programs, and resources integration is carried out to grasp market timing.

    • With the ability of communication and coordination, in the enterprise, it has a sense of teamwork, can make rational use of business elements and coordinate all relevant functions and management departments, and encourage and restrain subordinates, and make rational use of talents.

      The external enterprise can communicate with customers and related enterprises actively and cooperate well.

      It has the ability to deal with crises, understand crises correctly, respond quickly to emergencies, and seek feasible countermeasures and implementation plans, so as to solve the crisis.

    • Have market planning ability, formulate market operation plan, and can communicate with customers actively and cooperate well.

      Based on full market research and information collection, we can organize, analyze, compare and select marketing programs and integrate resources, grasp the market and develop high-quality customers accurately.

      The ability to learn and innovate can accept new information, ideas and ideas, constantly update knowledge, and bring new colors for the development of the market.

    • Have relevant work experience, collect new customer's information and communicate, develop new customer.

      Direct and effective communication with customers by telephone to understand customer needs, to find sales opportunities and to complete sales performance.

      To maintain the business of old customers and to tap the maximum potential of customers.

      Communicate regularly with cooperative customers and establish good cooperative relationship.

    • Can bear hardships and endure hard work, the pronunciation is rich and infectious force;

      There is a high enthusiasm for sales work.

      Strong learning ability and excellent communication ability.

      Strong character, quick thinking, good ability of strain and pressure.

      With a keen insight into the market, there is a strong sense of cause, responsibility and positive attitude.